First impressions are really important so you want to make sure that you make a good one on your first date. Your first date is a chance for the other person to get to know who you are, so make sure that you are being your authentic self and not presenting a persona that doesn’t really exist. We have some tips today on how to put your best foot forward and have a great first date!

Use Coupons

Well first of all you need a date to prepare for, and we all know that the free dating websites can be a total nightmare! You get what you pay for, right? I’d recommend using a service like, yes there is a subscription fee but it tends to weed out the less serious people who aren’t really looking for a relationship. Plus, if you use the coupons found at it will save you a bundle. They also have a free 3-day trial so you can always give it a go with no money down. promo codes

What to wear?

What outfit they are going to wear on their first date is probably what people spend the most time agonizing over, but it’s actually pretty simple! What is your favourite outfit to wear normally? If you have a particular outfit that you think looks great on you and makes you feel confident then that is what you should wear. Don’t worry about if it’s ‘too’ something, if you like to be colorful, wear fun accessories, and/or be bold in your fashion choices then that’s who you are and that’s who you should present to your date. By that same token if you normally prefer to wear darker or neutral colors and eschew loud prints and bright splashes of color then that’s what you should wear. The only wrong answer is to wear something that you wouldn’t normally and that you don’t really like. You can always try something new, just make sure it’s not too far out of your comfort zone.

What about scents?

Again, this will come down to what you normally do. If you usually wear a perfume then it’s fine to put some on (unless your date has specifically said that they are sensitive to perfumes), just make sure that you don’t overdo it. If you are a person who sweats a lot when they are nervous then make sure you use a good antiperspirant as that will be better than dousing yourself in a whole bottle of scent! Now if perfume is not a part of what you normally wear out then I would just skip it. If you want to go for something mild you can always try using a scented shampoo or bodywash before your date.

Make-Up, less is more?

You probably already know what I’m going to say about this: do you normally wear a lot of makeup or do you keep it minimal? In my opinion, make-up should be about what makes you feel happy and confident, with some examination on the reasons why. If you spend an hour a day contouring your face because you think you ‘have to’ because that’s what the Kardashian’s do then that’s not really a good reason. On the other hand, if you like to wear bold lipstick colors because it’s fun and you like the pop of color it adds to your outfit then that’s great! If you normally wear a lot of make-up because you enjoy the process of putting it on and the end result makes you feel good then that’s what you should do. If you normally don’t wear anything but want to get a little ‘dressed-up’ for your date then I’d suggest keeping it simple with a lip gloss and a maybe some mascara.

Think of some topics of conversation ahead of time

This is an especially good tip if you find that small talk does not come easily to you. To be honest, it doesn’t come naturally to most people and is a skill that needs to be practiced. It’s also a good idea to come up with a few deeper topics so that you guys can get to know each other a bit and not just discuss superficial things like the weather and what is currently happening at your respective work places. If you need ideas, take a look at this list.

So hopefully you are feeling a bit more prepared! A relationship is really about two people who enjoy spending time with each other, so make sure that you are being true to who you really are and that is the person that your date is getting to know! Good luck and have fun!